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What does this sound like?

Click here to hear a demo of Kill The Cann in action.

Is this legal?

Yes, of course it is. You have complete control over what your TV sounds like, as you always should.

What if it doesn't work, or I don't like it?

We have a 100% money back guarantee! (Less shipping & handling.)

Is it easy to attach to my TV?

Yes it is.


Can you install it for me?

Unfortunately not, we don't make house calls. But we guarantee that you can install it. The directions were tested and approved by our grandmothers!

Can I use one for multiple TVs?

No, you'll need to buy one product for each TV.

What input types does it work with?

It works with HDMI, an input type that almost every TV has. If you don't know if yours can work with HDMI, email us the TV types and we'll let you know.

Why do laugh tracks exist, anyways?

What a good question! Click here to see this informative video on YouTube and find out.

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